At the recent Lloyd’s Lab Alumni Event, our Co-founder and COO, Nicola Turner, participated in a quick-fire interview. She shared insights into Scrub AI’s journey, technological advancements, and future vision. Here’s the full interview:

So everyone wants to know about Scrub AI. What does Scrub AI do?

Nicola: At Scrub, we’re automating data cleaning. We’ve trained over 50 specialised machine learning models to do this. Our platform allows clients to drag and drop an SOV or bordereaux into the platform, and it automatically and instantly cleans it up into whatever output format they might need, such as RMS, AIR, OED, Sequel Impact or any exposure management database formats.

Super. You were one of our earliest cohorts. What were you doing back then when you joined, and what have you been doing since you left?

Nicola: We were part of cohort six, which was three years ago. At that time, there were four of us at Scrub, and we didn’t have any clients yet. Since then, we’ve quadrupled the team to 17 members. We also completed a seed round last year, which was brilliant. We’ve also seen our product integrated into many other workflows, such as clients’ quote and bind platforms. And recently, we’ve also launched a claims and premium sister platform.

Congratulations! I’m sure it’s difficult being a Co-founder. What’s the surprising part of your daily routine?

Nicola: Interesting question. It’s not part of my daily routine, but something you might find surprising is how nervous I still get for big presentations and important meetings. And it’s a big part of my job too. To cope, I’ve taken to playing a specific song very loudly on the way to these meetings: “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” by the wonderful Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin.

So final one, where do you see Scrub AI in three years time?

Nicola: Great question. We’ve always envisioned Scrub as a platform that is industry-agnostic, where you can input any spreadsheet or tabular data and transform it into the required format. To achieve this more generalised solution, we’re continuing to build out the platform and machine learning models to handle more use cases. Later this year, we’ll release a new version of the platform that can handle reinsurance treaty bordereaux as well.

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